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Sunday, March 01, 2020


Fake Book, I mean Facebook uses machine learning to find fake accounts to remove. Frankly, we do wonder why they ask us for a real name. It could be that it will be a hassle getting on. Please wait a few years.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Tesla coils

Tesla coils work great with an HDR as they are super max. I like to use both together and remember that they both use coils of copper wire.


Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Liberals always seem to wanna ban guns. Maybe, they claim that crime is one reason. Let me tell you, back in the Roman Empire cities had walls and that was to keep out predators that cause crimes. Back then, there were no guns. However, there were plenty of bad people that made walls necessary. Just look at the great wall of China and what do you see? BTW, liberals also hate walls for some reason.

Boom! (1)

Monday, December 02, 2019


Atlas Shrugged was an incredible ominous movie. Hey, we do not rec. Still, it is something that will stay with us. Let us leave it at that if we may. Times are not easy. Expect a bumpy ride as we go on.

Sunday, December 01, 2019


Bigfoot was always running after the wild boy for some reason. Hey, that was then and this is now. Still, we can say - his behavior is a bit um worrisome. Yeah, that is what we see.


Friday, November 29, 2019


Workers really struggle in amazon. They are in peak season now. Hey, it is not a happy holiday for many. Sadly, they really have to work a lot to make a little money. Yo, that is our case. Definitely, we need some stronger labor laws to help us. Washinton DC should get off its rear.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Being on the beach is so nice. It could be that we like the water and the wave. Yeah, those are great when it is warm. Still, the ocean can roar. Hey, it is a pleasant-sounding noise. Actually, its resonance can put me to sleep in a jiffy, but there we are. Did we say - resonance?

Sunrise at Copacobana Rio de Janeiro Brazil