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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Housing slump continues,

but the debunkers told me that we were getting out. Guess not. Things are getting worse as there is no housing market recovery. In fact, we are heading into a recession just as I predicted.

The high price of gas will make houses far away from the city very unattractive. People will try to find places close to work. They will have less money to buy items as all the money used to pay for gasoline is not around to pay for other things. As food and fuel go up in price there will be belt tightening. Think of all the corn used to produce ethanol. This causes corn prices to go up as well as milk, eggs, meat, etc.

I predicted in Jan 2007 when gasoline was $1.87 a gallon that by mid year we would be paying over $3/gal gas. The debunkers laughed and said all I predict is gloom and doom. Now in the middle of the month of May, what do they say?

"It's just a refiner that closed down, it will be back on line - by July we will be swimming in gas it will go under $2/gal. You will see..."


Sorry debunkers as usual, you are wrong. I stand by my prediction of higher gas prices.

My challenge to the debunkers is to find one gasoline station in the entire United States in the month of July that is selling gas for less than $3/gal. Go to it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What is Time?

We often wonder - What is time?
Is time a particle or a wave?

Steven Gibbs thinks that time is a frequency and using resonance as in the hyper dimensional resonator it can be altered.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our World

I worry about the devastation of the amazon rain forest. We are slowly destroying our planet. These trees produce oxygen that we need. I have seen trucks carry bottles of oxygen to people's houses. Is this our future?

What kind of world are we going to leave behind for future generations?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Home sales down

We face market meltdown in the real estate game. A steady decline in prices and a drop in new sales. In a desperate attempt to sell people are dumping houses on an already saturated market that keeps dropping like a rock. REAL estate is rock solid, yep price are dropping like a ROCK!

Future home prices are going to be a lot less than now as bank unload foreclosure properties at fire sale discounts.

According to NAR realtors, sales of already built houses fell 8.4% in March 2007 to an annual rate of 6.12 million. Meanwhile, median price of already built houses fell to $217,000 in March, a 0.3% decline in value.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Gas Prices

Back in January 2007 gasoline was selling for $1.87/gallon and debunkers were laughing at my prediction that it would be over $3/gal in July 2007.

Well, today the official average price of regular gasoline is $3.06/gallon for the USA. Read it and weep debunker. I told you your laughter would soon turn to tears. Remember when you said peak oil is a hoax and called me doom?

Guess what, yesterday the gas station near my house ran out of fuel. Even Premium selling at $3.39 / gallon is running out. I said this would happen. I said years ago "Get a scooter!"

Here is a heat map of US gas prices.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Astral time travel and full moon


As many of you know I have better results with astral time travel near the date of a full moon. Today I went astral and sat the following.

Some middle eastern men had brought in a device thru the port of miami. A device they where transporting to new york city in a van. In downtown miami near the port they crashed the van into a red small pickup truck that wa parked. There was a girl inside the truck. The device went off. The power was like that of a soviet ss20.

This is what I saw in astral time travel. The light of the fireball did not hurt my eyes. I knew it was bad. People were running screaming...


Here is the latest clip from the John Titor Time Travel Movie.