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Monday, July 24, 2006

Inventor Warren York studies time displacement

Inventor Warren York discussed at American Antigravity his reseach on anomalies including some resembling the Hutchison-Effect and time displacement. This promises some interesting findings in the area of time travel. He experienced hours of missing time.

From my own research with the HDR I have found that events similar to the Hutchson Effect are common when the device is turned on.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fun things to do in the future

Most future tech is not fun, computers, robots, and stuff, but here is fun stuff. The air board is plus max. I would like to get one.

This is an example of stuff that is common in the future. I see a bright future for the air board.

It is available right now. And it is easy to use. Still, no mention as to the price.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New model accepts physical time travel

Science has in the past been sceptical of physical time travel, assigning it a place next to fairies and unicorns. Still, now longer in the realm of fantasy, time travel is now being discussed as a possibility.

One of the greatest fundamental problems of physical time travel is the Grandfather Paradox. The idea that a person could go back in time an prevent themselves from being born, by eliminating their ancestors. Evenso, science says that something would happen to prevent you from doing so thus the new model of reality permits time travel.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A User's Guide to Time Travel

Taken From Wired article
A User's Guide to Time Travel

Michio Kaku said
"Wouldn't you like to be, just once, in the right place at the right time?"

How true, but the fact is that astral time travel is within out grasp.
It is not that hard to see future events.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Using HDR with a Plasma Globe

I live to use the HDR unit with plasma globe. The electromagnet attracts the particle stream. In future posts I want to discuss how to make a plasma globe for use with Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator. The HDR would be great with a homebuilt plasma globe.

Steven Gibbs says that the Spencer Gifts plasma ball known as the "lightning storm" is like a mini Tesla coil. This is much cheaper to make than a Tesla coil.

By using the HDR with a plasma ball I think that I can see the effect of the HDR more clearly. The electromagnet sends out pulses of EMF, it is not continous.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Is Steven Gibbs HDR a radionics machine?

Steven Gibbs built the HDR as a radionics machine and did experiments with it. He claims that the HDR will allow a person to travel in the fourth dimension. The HDR causes many strange paranormal events to occur when it is activated.

Many of these events resemble the Hutchison effect. These events include anomalous melting, levitation of objects, distortion of metal, etc.

Using the HDR to create unusual effects I found a very strange event. A mirror that was cracked healed itself. This is probably caused by using laws of physics that we do not understand.