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Sunday, December 02, 2007

World of the future

In a jump to the 2290, I saw a revolution take place. Robots tired of being slave to humans fought for their freedom. It was a dark retro-futuristic place that reminded me of Metropolis 2002. Sadly there was no love story like that of Kenichi (human boy) and Tima (robot girl).

Still I used to wonder if the future would be like Chobits with a peaceful coexistence of man and machine, or a constant struggle like Metropolis. There are many similarities between Chobits and Metropolis, but the big difference is that one is beautiful and bright, while the other is dark and dangerous.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Future of illness

In this age of long term care and assisted living facilities can we expect something better? What is the future of the disabled? What if we can do better and find cures. What will the future bring?

Well, most people expect better chemicals, but that approach leads to a DEAD end. Most illness is cause because the body is too weak to fight off disease. We need to increase the life force, then the body can win and repair itself.

In the future people lie in these booth that allow them to regenerate a lost limb or organ.