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Sunday, April 30, 2006

John Titor's C204 Vs. Steven Gibbs HDR

According to John Titor the C204 manufactured by General Electric in 2034 was capable of "The C204 unit is accurate from 50 to 60 years a jump and travels at about 10 years an hour at 100% power." That means it is going 24X365X10 = 87600X normal speed.

In one HDR time travel experiment the watch was moving about 5 hours per second or about 60X60X5 = 18,000X normal speed, so the C204 is faster than the HDR.

Steven Gibbs HDR is thus not as fast as the GE C204 used by John Titor. Also, according to CarlosX the limit of time travel with the HDR is 500 years forward or backward, versus John Titor says that the C204 has a limit of 60 years or you have massive percent divergence.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Different Devices

Inventor Device
James Catteral Time Vortex Activator
Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator
George Nordahl Interdimensional Resonator - Wonder Machine
John Bajak Flux Cap

I am searching for time travel machines and inventors.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Life Technology™ News: the hyperdimensional resonator

Life Technology™ News: the hyperdimensional resonator

Arum Solis is working on a four dial HDR similar to Steven Gibbs two dial hdr.

I await new developments in this technology.

Why do we do Astral Time Travel?

The question is: Why do we do Astral Time Travel?

Why is seeing future events berfore they happen a good thing? You need to see obstacles before you run into them. The Captain of the Titanic would have done well to see the iceberg before he plowed onto it. A lighthouse allows a boat captain to see potential problems before he runs into them. Astral Time Travel allows you to see the "iceberg", but remember what you see of the iceberg is only a small part, most of the looming iceberg is submerged below the water. It is good to dig deep and get a realistic review of what will happen. You will need multiple voyages to the future to get the "big picture" on what is taking place.

Most of the information you gain on the future using astral time travel will be fragmentary. You see a jumble of events. It is important to make multiple time trips and later "connect the dots" in order to see the "big picture" of what is going on.

Using remote viewing and astral time travel will give you a better feel for what to expect in times to come. You need to prepare now for future events.