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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Video of watch next to time machine

There is a video on mojoflix of a watch next to a time machine. It is next to the electromagnet of Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator. The electromagnet hums as the watch spins super fast. A must see. The original video was posted on in 2005.

Nice to see videos of time machines on the net. I wish more people with HDR units would post their videos.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Global warming in the future?

If you ever wondered about global warming, here is a picture I took today of a bee gathering honey from a flower. Picture taken today Nov 28, 2006 1:40PM temperature is 61F. Normally at this time of the year the temperature is 20F, so we are 40 degrees above normal.

There is no more ice fishing as lakes no longer freeze over. It rarely snows now. Forget about a white christmas, you may be wearing shorts in a few years.

Still, all is not well. Global warming will melt the polar ice cap flooding coastal areas.

Global warming will affect the permafrost
, making it disappear in parts of the arctic.

The future is HOT!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who was John Titor?

In the year 2000, a person began posting as Time Traveller_0 or TT_0, and claimed to be a time traveller from the year 2036 travelling in a C204 time machine built by General Electric. This person made many predictions about future events including a nuclear war that takes place in the year 2015.

However, many of John Titor's predictions were wrong. For example the civil war in 2004, a new "lincoln-like" president in 2004 - probably John Kerry, mad cow epidemic, and a waco type incident every month.

Still other predictions are correct, film cameras replaced by digital. LCD TV replaces tubes, fuel cells, the erosion of our liberties, and of course that the countryside is safer than the city.

Perhaps John Titor came from another timeline - one close to ours, but not the same. He did say that there was a 2.5% divergence.

What we do know is that Larry Haber posted a video clip of a John Titor movie on youtube that is coming out in Nov 2007. Perhaps it will give us more clues.

One interesting aside, John Titor's mother tells us in the John Titor book that on John's worldline there was a Y2K incident. This may explain some of the differences. Also, I think that 911 did not take place on John's timeline, or the war in Iraq.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fast Food in the Future?

What kind of diet will Homo Futurus have? Will there be Fast Food in the Future? or will the diet be slim and spartan as we recover from WWIII?

I can tell you that the future we face, will be in many ways like what John Titor warned us about. A day in the future is like a day on the farm. People work long and hard to get a few mouthfuls to eat.

Using Astral Time Travel, I have seen the future. It is very grim. There are no supermarkets, no gasoline stations, and certainly no malls. A can of tuna can be traded for a bicycle, but the roads are in bad shape - Get a horse!

We eat little meat. We do grow food, but it seems that bugs get a lot of it. There are cold winters after the war. The nuclear winter is a lot worse than people could imagine.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Human race will spilt into two species

According to Evolutionist Oliver Curry, the human race will split into an intelligent upper class and a dim witted underclass. This reminds me of the Eloi and Morlocks of the Time Machine by HG Wells.

The creation of two separate species is an old idea, in fact, using HDR assisted Astral Time Travel, I have not seen this scenario. I have seen the human race become prettier and paler as it evolves into an athletic "supermodel" type of creature.

Much less agressive and placid, think of a domesticated cow versus a wild bull. Also, less interested in music and dance; becoming far more cerebral in its pursuits.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Time Travel

It is high noon, yet there is a chill in the air. Having seen the gigantic win of dems over reps before it took place - I can say that time travel is a valid method of extracting information from the future. Time travel can be used to get an idea of what the future will be like.

We can see events before they take place. It is possible to report on future news and be correct time after time. The question now is - how accurate are we?

Predictions made in 2004 for 2006 Outcome

1) Gold to go over $700/oz $750/oz
2) Gasoline to go over $3/gal $3.05/gal
3) Iraq war gets worse Situation worse than ever
4) Rumsfeld fired Debunkers claim Rummy resigned
5) Oil to go over $80/b Oil went to $78.80/b (close)
6) Stocks to dip under 11,000 Correct
7) Ford & GM in trouble Both near death
8) Bush lame duck after Nov 2006 Yes, he has lost a lot of pow
9) SUVs not selling Ask GM, correct
10) Bird Flu expands It continues to spread

I got one prediction wrong - oil going to over $80/b and was close on that one.

My big prediction was the dems taking both houses was laughed at, and now is "obvious"!

As late as Monday Nov 6, 2006 some reps were claiming that they would hold on two both houses, but that the vote would be close. Some liberal dems predicted taking the house, but losing the senate. Seems nobody has a time machine on Monday. Few saw what I saw... So much for obvious.

I said that Rick Santorum would lose and he lost big. Now I am telling you that it ain't over. Expect big trouble in 2007 as the country splits down the middle on how to handle Iraq.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Big Changes up ahead

Prior to the monumental shift of the dems winning big on Nov 7, which I correctly predicted. I also predicted that the dems would want big cuts in defense spending and big pharma.

I told the debunkers to short defense stocks and big pharma. We will soon see who is right and wrong. When gasoline was $1.13 in 2001 and I predicted the oil shocks the debunkers laughed and laughed. Then it happened and they said it was obvious, spoke about PEAK OIL.

Well, where I live gasoline went this year from over $3/gal down to under $2/gal. So much for PEAK OIL. The oil shock is caused by problems in middle eastern countries. Expect more oil shocks to come. Get a scooter!

I also see a flight of capital leaving the US and going to United Europe. Many US corporate headquarters will relocate to low wage coutries and claim SARBOX is the problem. The real problem is that they see the US as a sunset power and wish to be friends with sunrise powers.

The offshore outsourcing of high tech high wage jobs to poor low wage low tech countries will continue as US corporations shed more white collar jobs. The value of a college degree will decline dramatically as the few remaining US firms will demand lower wages in order to compete.

More and more US firms will try to streamline by totally eliminating their US presense. No factories, no warehouses, no corporate headquarters, no US employees.

Meanwhile for those jobs that cannot be outsourced like the clerks in retail stores. More automation such as self checkout will eliminate those jobs. In order to pay for all the complex computers replacing low wage employees, prices will go up.

Inflation to go into high gear and the Chinese to grumble more than usual.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

HDR and plasma globe

I use Steven Gibbs HDR with a plasma globe. In fact, the HDR unit appears to affect the Radio Shack plasma globe. It may be the electromagnet of Steven Gibbs HDR changes the pattern of the plasma globe.

Steven Gibbs says that a plasma globe will help power up the HDR. Also that the plasma globe acts like a tiny Tesla coil. Still doing experiments on the effects of magnetic fields.