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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The history of Steven Gibbs HDR

History of the HDR

As many of you know, inventor Steven Gibbs started work on the sonic resonator in 1981. He continued to improve the sonic resonator. In 1985 inventor Steven Gibbs came out with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator which he started selling for $360.00 and I believe is the first commercially available time machine.

Even though the BBC did a show on time travel and the hyper dimensional resonator, few people worldwide are aware of Stephen Gibbs. In fact, I would have never heard of Stephen Gibbs, except that in 2001, on a John Titor board some debunkers were making fun of time machines. They mentioned to Steven Gibbs by name and made fun of the whole concept.

Searching on the internet and I was able to find his telephone number. So I called him, and fast to questions about the HDR. The rest is history.....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Astral Time Travel to an Alternate Time Line

Yesterday I did Astral Time Travel to an Alternate Time Line (ATL). It was a timeline were red china did not exist. All China including Taiwan was a democracy, even Cuba was a democracy and Korea was one country. There was no communism anywhere

People in this alternate timelines knew about other Alternate Time Lines. Their ATL was called ECCO short for equivalent cooperation and commerce opportunities. The ATL were Germany won WWII was called ALPHA, our alternate timeline the one were Russia and us fight WWIII in 2015 was called BETA. There was an alternate timeline called PRIME that never had any world wars, but had less technology than ECCO. These timelnes were the result of Montaukian experiments the tore up the main time line called PRIME.

These splinters from PRIME were similar, but with a few important differences. Like more war, crime, etc.

ECCO was a lot like PRIME except that people from other timelines brought high tech to it. This line was more tech that other timelines. ECCO has all kinds of cool gadgets.

In this alternate time line the US was much richer than here. No spending on the cold war caused the guv to use that money to build roads and bridges. Schools were bigger and better. Even the universities seemed better equipped with the latest labs and most modern machines.

The thing that shocked me was that high speed train system that they had which allowed people to travel very inexpensively without using gasoline. There was a lot more construction and the world seemed a happy place. This is one of the better ATLs that I have seen.