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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Using HDR for lotto?

People ask me if they can use the HDR for lotto. The answer is that the results I get are usually bad, like one number out of six, like last week. However, I did get three numbers in a previous drawing.

Winner was

I played

I was off by one in 31, and it was 27 not 47.
I did see in another jump the 34, but did not play it.

My total payout was $4.50 and I have spent more than $4.50 on tickets so I do not think it is a good idea to use the HDR and astral time travel for picking lotto numbers.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hyper Dimensional Resonator - Radionics Machine?

We know that the HDR was based on Tesla tech and on magnetic discoveries made by the Philadelphia Experiment. but few know that the HDR was originally a healing machine similar to radionics machines created by Dr. Ruth Drown.

Dr. Ruth Brown was a pioneer in Radio Therapy and made a great many discoveries before she was closed down by the establishment. The originator of RADIONICS was Albert Abrams who discovered made of the principles still used in the HDR such as the witness well and the rubbing plate.

Steven Gibbs sent an old HDR in the early days to a chiropractor and the man complained of a side effect. The HDR would send him one day into the future when he tried to use it for healing. This I believe led Steven Gibbs to completely retool the HDR to exploit this "side effect", namely time travel.

The original Hyper Dimensional Resonator was a radionics machine used for healing, but the new HDR was built to facilitate time travel.