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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vortex Steven Gibbs

Here are some MP3s of Vortex Steven Gibbs. This is that basically, we have audio of inventor Steven Gibbs explaining how to find a vortex.

Although the audio is poor quality. I would like to have a transcript of what Steven Gibbs said. In fact, Steven sent me this audio to help me find a vortex.

According to inventor Steven Gibbs you can use a variety of devices to find a vortex. For example, an ordinary FM portable radio, (an EMF detector gaussmeter), a frequency counter.

I find the locating of vortex exciting!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What is the grandfather paradox?

Biggest problem is the Grandfather Paradox

What is the grandfather paradox?

Well, the grandfather paradox is an attempt to disprove time travel by claiming that if time travel were possible you would be able to go back and kill your grandfather, therefore you were never born so how did you go back and kill him.

This chicken and the egg scenario is all wrong. Let me explain. Back in the 70's I talked about creating a Cash vending machine. You put in a credit card and it gives you Cash. The machine would charge you a quarter for the transaction.

A debunker stated something like "Nobody is stupid enough to pay the bank to get their own own money out!" He stated that it was foolish to think that a bank would replace a $13,000 a year teller with a $50,000 machine, that nobody needed cash at 3AM, but the debunker came up with his magnum opus, a scenario that prove that my cash vending maching, or ATM was impossible.

Imagine that you put one million in the bank, you ask the bank for ten credit cards. One for each member of your "family". You and your friends go to ten seperate cash vending machines and withdraw a million dollars simultaneously. You now have ten million dollars.

In theory this seems possible, but in reality it is not.

The grandfather paradox cannot occur because if you did go to your original timeline, the timeline splits into two. On one line you kill gramps, on the other you do not.

According to Al Bielek if you split the line enough times then it collapses or evaporates and blinks out of existence. The universe does not have an infinite amount of energy.

This is why you should not go back to change events!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ong's Hat Interdimensional Travel

ongs hat incunabula time travel

Is dimensional travel possible? The incunabula papers suggest that this is the case.

A group scientists in Ongs Hat, New Jersey created a device the incunabula eggshell that allowed them dimensional travel.

Their research showed them how this was possible using higher dimensional travel using special harmonics. Most work on the ongs hat incunabula was lost.

It appears that some scientists are trying to replicate this work that took place in the pine barrens of New Jersey. Joseph Mattheny discussed this on the Art Bell show. Travel is possible when you attain resonance with frequencies of earth harmonics. According to Joseph Mattheny, physicists see an electron blip in and out of parallel dimensions along its orbit around the nucleus of an atom.

Joseph Mattheny wants to focus on dimensional travel, not on time travel now. He also discussed human migration to alternate dimensions and the destruction of glaciers by 2080 due to global warming.

The devices "eggs" built in ongs hat were supposed to allow human migration to parallel universes. The decision to move to parallel universes is due to catastrophic events that will soon take place.

This work was done by renegade physicists that chose to leave mainstream science and think outside the box. Their ideas were not well received by the academic power structure so they choose the relatively remote pine barrens of New Jersey to conduct their research.

According to Joseph Mattheny they chose to leave earth to go to another dimension where they have created a new civilization based on freedom without the rules and regulations of our planetary police state.

He hopes to recreate the experiment and hopefully track them down.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Other predictions of the future

According to redsky there will occur a Global Meltdown Domino Effect

is this what the future will bring?

Well, using astral time travel it appears that a nuclear winter happens arround 2017. It is bitter cold.
The oceans freeze over.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

What does a bar magnet do?

Steven Gibbs sells a barium oxide bar magnet for the HDR .

The question is: What does a bar magnet do when attached to the electromagnet of the HDR? Well, it appears to increase the strength of the field. I get better results when I use the barium oxide bar magnet that Steven Gibbs sent me.

For some reason getting clocks to move fast is easier when I use both the HDR electromagnet and the barium oxide bar magnet.

Most of the experiments seem to indicate that the strength of the field is important.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What will happen with North Korea

Using the HDR created by Steven Gibbs, I have done astral time travel to the future. It appears the condition will be resolved by the Chinese taking control of the Korean peninsula, Taiwan, and even Japan.

John Titor warned us of this happening, but many did not listen.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

9-11-01 upside down is 10-11-06

Imagine That!

Also 0002 two dead instead of 2000!

History books tends to gloss over certain facts; for example, facts about Henry Ford

that are certain not to be included in your history book are that Henry Ford hated Jews. In fact, it was Henry Ford that wrote the book, "The Inter national Jew", you can read a free copy off the net and judge for yourself.

When we read the history of the Model T Ford we seldom read about the troubles that inventor Henry Ford had; much less about how he blamed these troubles on Jews.

Astral time travel shows us history up close and unfiltered. Gone is the censor that deletes any unpleasant politically incorrect facts.

Case in point, future history books fail to mention the trials of Michael Jackson. They only talk about his music and visit to the White House; there is no talk about never land or the boys.

Think of it this way, my history book failed to mention that inventor Leonardo da Vinci was gay or that Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration of Independence had a child with his slave Sally Hemmings.

Yet people in the future using astral time travel will see Michael Jackson arrested on charges of molesting; a trial that dominated newscasts for months and how he was found not guilty on all charges.

What I am trying to tell you is that time travel is a great way to see history uncensored and unedited. :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Aliens plan for earth

Using astral time travel I have seen many societies where humans and aliens live together without incident. Yet it appears that in our timeline people are full of paranoid ideas. The concept of alien invasion is shown as a possibility.

Michael Minkin believes that there will soon be an alien invasion. He says that the greys are preparing to take over earth. The abductions are a scheme by which the aliens are breeding human / alien hybrids to replace us.

Steven Gibbs says that aliens are really evil fallen angels and that they want to turn us away from God. I think that some are good and some are bad, by their actions we will know what they are.

My experience has been that we can live peacefully with others, but only if we try.