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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

9-11-01 upside down is 10-11-06

Imagine That!

Also 0002 two dead instead of 2000!

History books tends to gloss over certain facts; for example, facts about Henry Ford

that are certain not to be included in your history book are that Henry Ford hated Jews. In fact, it was Henry Ford that wrote the book, "The Inter national Jew", you can read a free copy off the net and judge for yourself.

When we read the history of the Model T Ford we seldom read about the troubles that inventor Henry Ford had; much less about how he blamed these troubles on Jews.

Astral time travel shows us history up close and unfiltered. Gone is the censor that deletes any unpleasant politically incorrect facts.

Case in point, future history books fail to mention the trials of Michael Jackson. They only talk about his music and visit to the White House; there is no talk about never land or the boys.

Think of it this way, my history book failed to mention that inventor Leonardo da Vinci was gay or that Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration of Independence had a child with his slave Sally Hemmings.

Yet people in the future using astral time travel will see Michael Jackson arrested on charges of molesting; a trial that dominated newscasts for months and how he was found not guilty on all charges.

What I am trying to tell you is that time travel is a great way to see history uncensored and unedited. :)