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Friday, March 02, 2007

Different names in other timelines

Names in other timelines sound a bit off. A city called South Starhapcourt West Wellingtonham. A man names Congrant Chesterfarm. Chesterfield I know, but Chesterfarm? Conrad I know, but Congrant or Congrew?

The more the percent divergence tha weirder things get. John Titor said that the more divergence you had the stranger everything looked. How true. A small percent divergence and the "wrong" team wins the superbowl, but big percent divergence and people do not speak English.

John Titor was right about things looking strange on other timelines. In fact, we might as well admit thar our world would seem quite strange to a steam world where there is not electricity. All those power poles and wires everywhere looking like a spider web. I wonder if they would think we are all a bunch of spiders that live on the web.