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Sunday, July 20, 2008

HDR clones?

Steven Gibbs sats that poorly made Hyper Dimensional Resonator replica or HDR clone units are being sold to poor people. These units typically are cheap and do not work well. People later complain about poor workmanship. Steven Gibbs says that when building an HDR you must test every single component to make sure it is working well.

For example if the 15K resistor is only doing 13,000 ohms of resistance the wave harmonic is wrong. All the parts must be in top shape. The old sonic resonator used a 10K ohm resistor and it did not work as well as the HDR. Also, he told me yesterday that if you use a cheap lamp in the HDR it burns out fast...

The lamp is easy to replace, but it is a hassle to desolder and resolder so it is better to use a more expensive lamp in the HDR for the "on/off" light. If the lamp burns out, Steven Gibbs told me yesterday that the witness well does not work.