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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Did John Titor have an accent?

People in the past had a different accent than now and used thee and thou in regular speech. Well, now, outside of church it is rare to hear thee and thou. Perhaps in the near future people have a different accent due to the Great American Vowel Shift. John Titor was no doubt affected.

This means that the way people talk in america now will soon change, as the speech inflections are shifting in the North American vowel shift. Maybe it is not noticed now, but by 2036 a strange speech will result.

One strange trend is the English Only move. For example, the LPGA golf tour is English Only. What we see in the future is that languages change due to move global communication, but I feel that Europe has it right with making its citizens multilingual. We should all add to diversity and not restrict others language choices.