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Friday, December 05, 2008

Cell Phone to locate a vortex

Using a cellular telephone is one way to find a grid point vortex. I have found that there are areas with zero signal. These areas of radio silence or "quiet zones" are in the center of a large vortex.

Using a Cellular Telephone Booster Antenna

Long haul truck drivers are familiar with dead spots in cellular telephone coverage. They often use booster antennas that you attach to the side of the mobile phone. This antenna can increase the number of bars that appear and allow you to use your cell phone in areas that are normally out of range.

To use the device you place a large whip antenna outside your vehicle and connect it with a cable to a mobile signal amplifier kit that attaches to your cellular telephone. This will boost the weak signal to the point that you can be miles outside your normal range and still get reception. I have used this device and been able to get about two more bars of signal strength. It works great in areas where the signal is marginal and reception is poor.

The device is easy to install as it comes with instructions. You will need to use a drill and a screw driver to fix the external antenna to the body of your vehicle. Some people use a magnetic antenna, but I do not recommend this procedure as it could fall off the truck.

The power for the signal amplifier kit comes from your cigarette lighter and the cell phone will connect to it through the external antenna port. You should find far fewer dead spots when using an external antenna. Still, inside a large vortex you will get zero signal.


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