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Friday, July 16, 2010

occams razor

Skeptics love to point to occams razor. Basically we know that occams razor says - entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily, but I feel that some complexity is necessary.

Actually, one reason skeptics claim the HDR does not work is that it is so simple to manufacture and contains parts easy to get. However, the concept of time travel is not so easy.

There are many time travel paradox that skeptics point to in an attempt to discredit the idea before it can grow. They love to make fun of the frequency resonator. Like for example a RIFE WAVEFORM FREQUENCY RESONATOR. Yet, there is much they do not understand and call nonsense.

Practically, all of Steven Gibbs devices contain a caduceus coil, which I believe is what generates the interesting phenomena that occur. This is my view. OK as for occams razor, those are the ideas of a Franciscan friar William of Ockham from the 1300's and science is much more advanced since. For example, we do not use leeches in medicine like we did in the 1800's, because we now know they cause a negative out come.

I prefer to look at future tech like the caduceus coil and zero point energy. The ideas of old like reminds me of occams razor. Flat earth in fancy wrappings.