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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

call from Steven Gibbs

Today, we got another call from Steven Gibbs and we wish to share it with you:

He is making more changes to his HDR now. The dials will not be the same.
Also, he is trying to make the box more compact and less roomy. Before it was
mostly empty space.

  • new box from new ark electronics, the old one was from Radio
    shack, but no more... This should help you with some of the functionality
    matters many of you have been experiencing. Yeah, there were some issue.
    Hope those are gone now.

  • new version will be 2012B to be able to tell it from the old one.
    While it's not a replacement it will work almost the same. Steven Gibbs can
    be reached at his usual telephone number which is: (785) 640-3565 For more
    information send an email to me.

Again, I wish to give many thanks for all of your caring...