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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Farmville2 could help zygna survive. Not a lot of god new for the struggling company. Hey, not many people interested in playing with virtual cows. AND using real money. Still, we wish that can make it. Hope they can turn the ship around soon. Otherwise, it is game over.


zynga sucks said...

i hope it is game over soon for zynga... common what idiot would give real money for something that is not even a descent game.
i have said it before and i say it again..the creators of farmville are not even good enough to make a descent game so they have to resort to shitgames like this and hope there are enough idiots to spend real money on this...My hint to anyone buy a descent PC/xbox/ps3 game and do not bother with this shite.And i am only talking about farmville, i am not even going to start about their decadent casino games...compared to gamedevelopers like ubisoft zynga are a bunsh of noobs
In short: i think that everything zynga is envolved in sucks...
ps : hope the end will come soon