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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nazi UFO in Antarctica

Is there any evidence of a Nazi UFO in Antarctica? Alan Dewalton says there is. In fact, he talks about the Nazi UFO connection. How the evil Nazis got help from reptilian dracos.

He goes on to say that on the Aryan timeline, the Germans won WWII and Nazis rule the whole world.

Here is the problem that I have with that theory. From what I know there are two sides. On one side you have the blondes called by many names like the Talls, Nordics, etc.

They are currently at war with the Draconians also known as dracs or reps which is short for reptilians. The dracs have as slaves the grey aliens that we see so much. These are the abductors that do experiments on people.

It appears that the Germans got help from the Aryan blondes in the beginning, but as the blondes saw how evil Hitler was they did stop sending assitance. Our side got help from the greys, but at a horrible price. We allow UFO aliens to do abductions and experiments on children.

This is one of the reasons the secret is kept from the public.