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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dangerous Information by Patricia Ress

Patricia Ress wrote a book called Dangerous Information about Steven Gibbs and George Nordahl.

She talks about how inventors are building time machines using Radio Shack parts. This may seem odd, but the electronics of these purported time machines is described in her book.

Patricia Ress is a paranormal investigator interested in the fringe of science and well as in new technology. Many of her topics are controversial. Patricia Ress has entered areas of research that mainstream science does not want to investigate. Mainstream science prefers to ridicule anything that does not fit their paradigm.

At one time is was considered heresy to think that South America and Africa were part of one continent, now that is established fact. Patricia Ress prefers to explore uncharted territory that hold the clues to our future. She is in a new DVD called Secrets of the Vatican.