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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Future of Television

You can see the giant oil refinery fire on the internet. Debunkers claim that the reason that gasoline is over $3/gallon is the oil refinery fire. The real reason is the war in the middle east.

I predicted that gas would go over $3/gal this year and they are scrambling to explain why gas is so expensive. Likewise when I said that the future was TV over IP they laughed at me, but now it is a SLAM DUNK for the debunk.

The future of television was predicted back in 2000 by John Titor when he told us that all TV was over the internet. This means no more analog television broadcasts, and also that people have broadband internet. Also among his predictions was that people would create their own content, much like Youtube.

Talk about a SLAM DUNK for a debunk. They can now see that he scored more direct hits than they could even begin to take. Not only the demise of the big record companies and televsion stations, but a completely new phenomena.

User created contend is the future of television. John was right.