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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why is the future so different than now?

People wonder: What will the future be like? In time travel jumps to the future I saw a world filled with blond people. It appears that after WWIII, the massive nuclear bombardment severely reduced the human population to the extent that in some timelines only a few thousand people survived and those that did survive were made sterile by the elevated radiation levels.

So we get escapees from the NAZI timeline where all non blonds were killed. These are timelines where Germany won WWII. Many of these blond refugees came in stolen time machines to "empty" timelines and resettled. They began to rebuild the shattered cities of post war earth. Think of it as homeless that move into an abandoned house.

As a result they look different than people now, but because German is close to English they quickly learn English and make use of the stuff we have. Although there is still radiation in the big cities, many smaller cities are available. The NAZIs are happy to see these troublemakers leave.

The high radiation of our timeline means that the refs start to arrive around 2017. Years after the war when things have had a chance to "cool down" a bit. In addition to radiation, we have starvation caused by the nuclear winter to reduce world population. Also, the megacolassal catastrophe cause a genetic gauntlet where many species (megamammals such as lions and tigers) became extinct. These "empty" timelines are perfect for escapees who wanted to flee a terrible regime.