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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time Travelling Nazis

The world we live in is a strange place, but Time Travelling Nazis is not something that many would imagine possible. There is talk of the US using Project Southern Cross to move material and technology to help the allies win WWII, but what if Hitler also had time travel technology.

Did NAZI build a time machine?

Going on vast archaeological digs I have seen with my own two eyes an ancient mosaic with the crooked cross. Yes, an ancien+ mosaic of swasticaka that I took a photo of. If you say that it means nothing, then try wearing the forbidden symbol to school on a T-shirt. Sadly, you will probably be arrested.

The usual armchair archaeologists will claim that in the past the symbol means nothing. I saw a heart shape in a mosaic, maybe that does not mean love? Get real, each symbol has power. However, what evidence do we have that the people Nazi Germany worked on a time machine? Well, Jim Marrs uncovered evidence of time traveling Nazis and he wrote a book about it. The device was known as the Nazi Bell, one of Hitler's super weapons. It worked on a strong magnetic field and had two rotating disks.

Probably not that different than the Philadelphia Experiment. An intense magnetic field can be use to create a temporal distortion. It affects the flow of chronotron particles.