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Monday, February 23, 2009

Future Politician

How can we explain the future? Well, imagine trying to explain the internet to a man in the 1800's. First one would say something like "Do you know what a telegraph is?" Then say "OK, so it sends information over a wire." Add "Now imagine you hook up an electronic typewriter to the telegraph and it sends words over a wire."

OK, so it is hard, but you get the picture. The problem is that in the days to come there is no future politician. That is because there are no governments. A future politician is like a steam power computer, not impossible, after all Charles Babbage built one, but a poor substitute for one powered by electricity. Imagine all the coal we would have to burn to power a giant hulking steam calculator with less ability than a pocket calculator that you can get at the dollar store for 99 cents.

For this reason there are no future politicians in the great beyond. right now you pay over 50% of your income in taxes to support a massive government with its war machines and large security apparatus. These do not exist in the future because people are free.