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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GM is over

At one time the saying was "What is good for General Motors is good for America", well, now there is talk that once might automobile ginat GM is on a verge of bankruptcy.

Why is this important? Well, GM is the engine of america. It powers the nations. When is crashes and burns it will take the nation down with it. Back in 2005 when HDRKID predicted that GM would go under, debunkers started to attack the HDRKID time travel forum. They felt that by attacking the messenger they would prevent the event.

He also predicted back in 2005 that the housing market would fall like a house of cards. Last month in January 2009 US housing permits hit a record low.

It is not like there was no warning. The signs are all around us, and few are getting ready for what is coming. I tell you this - if you think things are bad now, get ready for them to get a lot worse.