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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Going astral to the future

Hey, ever wonder if the power went out and never came back? That is a constant theme in my time trips to the future. Perhaps we should all invest in generators.

Also, over and over when going astral to the future, I have seen a dark city scenario. That is plainly like a blackout and the highways are empty. This pitch dark city seems abandoned and deserted. OK, one possible reason is that hackers are targeting the electric power grid.

Without electricity fuel pumps would not work so the filling station would close. This would explain why highways are empty. Food in grocery stores would rot without power. However, why do people leave the city?


Rahn said...

I was hoping to talk to you about your visions of the future. I've had some similar visions as well and I would like to compare notes.

E-mail me at

Unknown said...


How are you certain that (a) what you're seeing is a physical future as opposed to a mere view of the astral in the future, (b) that you are even in some future time, and (c) that you are in the astral as opposed to what some have called a "mind construct zone?"

I haven't really waded through the posts yet but hope you'll post your visions of the future--if you haven't already.

Rahn said...

My visions of the future come from dreams. Nothing more than that really. My visions of the future span a very long period of time, but since they are dreams, you kinda gotta take it for what it's worth...just a dream.

In one of my dreams, I'm in the far distant future, about 15,000 years from now. The year is 15 MGB. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out was MGB stood for, but I think I have an idea for what it might stand for. Still not sure.

Anyway, in my future dreams, recorded history stops in the year 2013. There were a period of dark ages for 12-15 thousand years. A gap of time where there was no recorded history.

Send an e-mail if you want to know more.