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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama says economy returning to normal

Well, if you believe that, I use to have some nice Florida swampland to sell you. However, nowadays, no real estate is moving, auto sales are way down, and unemployment is rising.

Obama says US economy is stabilizing. Don't we wish, but in fact we are in a false rally, that will wipe out even more investors.

Expect fuel prices to rise, because today, gasoline was $2.65/gallon, versus three weeks ago, I paid $1.88/gallon. The price of gas will soon be over $3/gal. It is going up like a rocket. Did I say rocket, because iran just launched a long range missile that can hit israel. This could make things much worse in the middle east.

In the future I see scooters, and fuel prices are much higher than now.