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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Estate prices plunge

Back in 2005 HDRKID's prediction is that real estate would fall like a house of cards. OK so the debunkers said that is impossible. Well, come 2006 we see a drop in prices, but not across the board, some areas actually go up in price, and skeptics say that all is fine.

And, as we move in 2007 prices fall faster, but debunkers claim that we will hit bottom in 2008. Well, we are in 2009 and prices are falling even faster; we are accelerating our downward death spiral. Auctions in foreclose houses are now over 50% of sales.

House prices plunge almost 20% in may. Paranoid people might blame HDRKID for what takes place, but please do not shoot the messenger - we are going going gone...