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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fun with astral time travel

Have you ever gone back into time to Ancient Rome? Let me tell you something - those Roman Soldiers wore brooms on their heads. Yes red brooms that look like they came from the bargain basement at K-mart, or better yet from the dumpster behind the Dollar Store.

I want to yell in Latin of course "HEY MAX, I mean Maximus, can I borrow your helmet? Yeah, I need to dust the floor with your head." :)

It's so funny, I have to laugh every time. And what is with those dresses. Did they not know what pants were for? They look like a bunch of girls with those dresses on.

Using Astral Time Travel
to other timelines is a riot. There is one timeline where weird people are called robots. If students don't like a teacher they will leave a can of oil on his desk and say "Drink up!"

One of my favorite timelines was where fast food places started selling clothes. First it was T-shirts and tennis shoes, but eventually they were selling underwear. McDonalds had one that said "Quarter Pounder inside", but my favorite was from Burger King it said "Home of the Whopper!" :)

I guess that King dude wears that one.