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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trans fats linked to infertility

In the movie, "The Children of Men", the world is in chaos due to infertility. In the year 2027 everything is falling apart and there are no more children.

It appears that trans fats cause women to become infertile and could lead to a massive depopulation of the earth. Perhaps, but I have found using astral time travel that killer epidemics are the main cause of depopulation.

Trans fats cause infertility

As little as four grams of trans fat a day, a doghnut, for example, will greatly reduce the chances of a woman bearing a child. This is because trans fats are unnatural and block up the cycles. We need to ban all use of strange modified fats that create problems. Trans fats are also implicated in causing heart disease and obesity.

People should limit the amount of fat in their diet. The worst fats are lard and trans fats. Less bad are tropical oils, and best are fish oils.