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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Inventor Steven Gibbs

Edison worked long and hard on the light bulb and now it is the symbol of a new idea, a new invention. The light bulb lit up a previously gloomy world with the advent of electricity.

Today, inventor Steven Gibbs is a similar man toiling tirelessly in his laboratory to try to change things with his tools - working hard into the night. Yes, where would we be without inventors? They made our world possible. It is the inventors that have open minds to new ideas. Science has become a stale religion with its dusty old dogmas, it is invention that is fresh.

We need only see the not so warm reception the Dr. Robert Goddard, the father of modern rocketry, got when he worked with his rockets. It took Germany and the V2 for the US to realize how we had squandered our lead in this important technology. Have we learned anything?

This is an except from
"Unfortunately Goddard already had a small reputation as a crackpot and, like Langley before him, had earned an editorial in the good, gray New York Times, berating him for his scientific folly. The noise of his second rocket brought calls to the police. Officials ordered him to conduct no more rocket experiments in Massachusetts."

yes that is what they called this genius with a PHD in physics. It is Goddard that made the modern world of satellite communication and GPS possible.

And what did the debunkers of his day say? That a rocket could not operate in space because it had no air to push against. That people could not go to the moon because the radiation would kill them. With their blackboards and equations. the only thing the debunkers proved was how stupid they really were.